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21 days 6 weeks basic training21 DAY TRANSFORMATION & BOOTCAMP

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You will experience FREE Teleconference & Video Workshops on Fashion & Fitness, Health & Wellness, Financial freedom & Spiritual Growth with Pastors and teachers who are committed to seeing you TRANSFORM!!!! . Giveaways, prizes, tears & laughter all part of your journey .We want to see changes in your life SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY. Get ready !!!!

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21 days 6 weeks basic training

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  • Again today I must encourage myself and all the true worshipers not to be afraid of sudden fear. It is coming fast and furious upon the earth. You may feel that because we are living in North America all is well. It is not safe the only safe place is in our Creator. Do not get carried away with the things of this world, the closer the return…[Read more]

  • Hello true Worshipers we are in the month of Feb. the month when most people think about giving and sharing special gifts for the ones they love the most. I am so thankful to my Creator for choosing to send me on the 7th Feb., to this this planet and also having get married on the 13th of Feb., I did not plan any of it,and I certainly give the…[Read more]

  • How great is our God, He is worthy to be praised, so let us put on the garment of Praise. In spite of all the negative situations going on all around us we can rejoice in the fact that the Creator is in control and nothing is new under the sun. When human beings don’t obey God , He gives long chances and then He withdraws His presence and the…[Read more]

  • It is a new day and a fresh opportunity to enjoy the blessings of the Lord that will make us rich and add no sorrows with it. Come on true worshipers let us put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. God is in control of our every moment remember He knows the thoughts of our heart so let us ask the Holy Spirit to create in us…[Read more]

  • Hello true worshipers . Is anyone feeling depressed because of the weather and also the sad things that are happening on this planet? The bible says man’s heart will fail them for fear because of what is going on . On the other hand this could be the most exciting time of our lives. This certainly our year of restoration. Are you ready…[Read more]


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